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Mizuno Reversible Karate Gloves

Mizuno Reversible Karate Gloves

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Mizuno Reversible Karate Gloves are perfect for Kids' Karate. Featuring Reversible Blue and Red Colours for ease of use. Mizuno Karate Gloves are perfect for Karate Competitions. Made with top-quality PU foam for high-impact padding, making these Karate Gloves are extremely sturdy and very durable.

Experience the versatility and quality of Mizuno Reversible Karate Gloves. These gloves are designed to elevate your Karate practice by providing exceptional protection and flexibility. With a reversible design, you get two colour options in one pair, allowing you to match your gloves to your training attire.

Crafted with precision, these gloves offer a secure fit that doesn't compromise on comfort. The advanced padding technology absorbs impact effectively, reducing the risk of injuries during intense training and sparring sessions. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, these gloves cater to your needs, helping you focus on your techniques and performance.

Mizuno's dedication to excellence is evident in every detail of these gloves. The durability of the materials ensures long-lasting use, and the thoughtfully designed construction maximizes dexterity and grip. Whether you're honing your kata skills or practising kumite, these gloves provide the protection you need without sacrificing mobility.

Make a statement in the dojo with Mizuno Reversible Karate Gloves, combining practicality with style. Elevate your training experience, increase your confidence, and perform at your best. Choose Mizuno for a seamless blend of quality, versatility, and innovation in your Karate journey. Order now and step onto the mat with assurance and flair.


  • Improve fit Comfort
  • Great Shock Absorption
  • All Japan Karate Federation Approved.
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