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Mizuno IJF Yusho Judo Gi - Blue Label

Mizuno IJF Yusho Judo Gi - Blue Label

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Mizuno IJF Yusho, conforms to all IJF standards and sports rules set out for 2011. The Yusho carries the IJF Approved Optical Patches/label for all major world Judo events. With an all new cotton weave and pant fabric, the Mizuno IJF Yusho will give all international competitors a fighting advantage with a lighter feel and Superior flexibility.

Available in ' sizes.

  • Cut specifically for Competition to conform to IJF rules.
  • Built with a sturdy double weave fabric.
  • Pre-shrunk for a better fit.
  • Sizing: 1 to 6 including 1/2 sizes.
  • Suitable for judo, jiu-jitsu, grappling, or aikido.
  • Includes jacket and pants.
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