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Mizuno Hayato Judo Gi - Blue

Mizuno Hayato Judo Gi - Blue

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The Mizuno Hayato Blue Judo Gi is a high quality single weave uniform which is excellent for Judoka looking for a light training Gi. Also Great for those in hot tropical climates where a double weave is just too hot to wear. The Mizuno Hayato is constructed of 100% bleached white cotton. This is the all-purpose high quality Gi for anyone practicing Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, grappling, and Aikido. Highest quality single weave uniform.

Jacket Details: 

  • Rice grain jacket weave
  • Embroidered black Mizuno logo on the left sleeve
  • Black label with white Mizuno logo on the bottom of the jacket
  • Black inner label with white Mizuno logo
  • Back reinforcement seam
  • Collar and forearm reinforcements
  • Triangular reinforcement at the bottom of the jacket 

Pant Details:

  • Drawstring Pants
  • Reinforcements from the bottom of the pants to the knees
  • Black label with white Mizuno logo under the right knee


  • 550g


  • Cotton 100%

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