About Mizuno Martial Arts

Mizuno's rich history spans more than 100 years and part of its rich proud history includes a range Judo uniforms and accessories. Mizuno is undoubtedly the world’s leader when it comes to Martial Arts uniforms. With superior design, comfort and fit as well as high quality fabric's, stitching and cut, nothing can equal the quality of the world’s best.

DFCut is a unique Dynamic Function Cut allowing superior maneuverability based on the many years of research. Using cutting edge computer design it allows Mizuno's R&D team to study the art of movement and apply fabric technology and development to create a truly remarkable range of martial art uniforms and allows you to move without compromise. DFCut design has been special formulated to give you a more true to life and realistic uniform shape. Unlike conventional uniforms that are cut flat, the DFCut design takes it to a whole new level giving a uniform a third dimension and is designed, cut and sewn in a fighting position. The lean cut helps to shape to your body shape to ensure a snug fit and eliminate a sloppy uniform which sometimes get in the way making you feel uncomfortable.

Snug fitting around every important aspect of the Mizuno Gi’s as well as the highly developed Mizuno fabrics makes Mizuno Gi’s extremely hard to grab. The Setsugi Stitching makes the Mizuno Gi’s the toughest in the business.

Mizuno’s attention to detail, along with years of research into Japans national sport has paved the way to create the ultimate range. With years spent on research Mizuno has measured and calculated the facts and have strengthened each Mizuno Gi in areas of importance.

Mizuno’s knowledge combined with it advisory staff of Olympic and World Champions, Instructors, coaches and competitors form all parts of the globe has truly allowed Mizuno to develop the finest Martial Arts uniforms the world has ever seen.